Information + Technology + Society = ?

COMN 2312 is a course which inquires into the relationship of Information, Technology and Society.  It is especially interested in the relationship of these to critical practices and to the study of culture, media and communications as they impact each other and society.

Note:  I thought I had erased this page. This assignment was to be explained in class on the 14th and done during the week of 14 Sept and 21 Sept and discussed in the tutorials. But then everything got changed when I had my emergency which has pushed the course back. It needed explaining - I think to be understood and was meant to be introduced in my opening lecture.

Now that I had to miss the first lecture, I canceled the assignment for next week and the tutorials.  I arranged the tutorials to start the week of Sept 28 because of my emergency - I thought I had erased this page as I have merged the readings for these missing weeks and made them the assignment and to keep you from being overloaded.

My apologies for the confusion if you did the assignment below - it is now extra credit, if you have already done it - You can also choose to do it.  If you did let your TA know in the first tutorial.

First Field NOTE Assignment (see below): Due on Sept 21 lecture.

COMN 2312 Field note assignment 1: Cultural Inquiry – beginning to observe information, technology and society using potent objects
Time to spend: 20 min to 1 hour depending on your interest level


1. Pick either Barbie or Gun as your object



2. Do a google search using that object



3. Pick  3 interesting web “bytes”  to follow –up on.


4. Evaluate, analyze, observe how these objects and their web spaces connect to our key terms:






5. Select one that you think is particularly interesting for sharing with the class – remember focus on information, technology and society.


6. Document what you are seeing in such a way that you can discuss this in tutorial or lecture and share it with others..