Formal grades will be posted early to mid May

If you have received a "final" grade prior to this it has been by accident due to technology issues. Because of technology issues the rest of the grades for the course will likely not be mounted until April 28. I was told that final grades would be mounted till early May - and myself and TA's planned our schedules accordingly. It was not indicated to us that we needed to be ready to handle grading concerns earlier than this for this large course -  and in my case (Instructor/Course Director) I must now focus on grading for my other courses and unable to handle issues around final grades this course - until after the 26th of April.
  • Even so - Grading concerns should be handled through due process starting with the receptionist at COMN Studies; technically nothing can be done about them prior to their formalization in May.  After the grades have been finalized you can view your work and grades via the receptionist at COMN Studies email:  and if you have concerns you can work them through by following the due process that she can inform you about once you contact her.
  • The earliest that your tests and papers will be on file at reception in COMN Studies  is April 28 - and even then, I am not sure if you can see them until your grades are finalized.  York policy requires that we keep final assignments so they have to stay on file there.
  • The instructor/course director is not available to respond to inquiries around grades until after April 26, 2011, and will not respond to these inquires prior to then. It is unlikely that she will be able to do much around any issues involved into the grades are formalized. However, if you do believe that their has been a true error made in your case (editing or book -keeping related) you may contact your TA.  TA's will be unable to conduct grade appeals, (requests to modify marks based on your defense that your work deserved a higher grade) - but can respond to concerns that are arguably editing or book-keeping related. They will likely refer appeal type issues directly to the receptionist at COMN Studies.