Readings for Spring Term 

Readings for Jan 11 lecture are two: (please see adjusted syllabus for re-calendaring related to this lecture)

Harold Innis:  Introduction to Empire and Communications, pages 20-31
Available through York E-resources.  Empire and Communications
Innis, Harold A. Watson, Alexander John  
Publisher: Dundurn 
Date Published: 2007 , original publication date 1950 by Oxford Press

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Marshal McLuhan: The Guttenberg Galaxy: University of Toronto Press: 1960, 
Read Page prior to page one, then prologue, and beginning of First Chapter technically: pre p. 1 and then p.1-end of page 16.
available through Google Books  by either searching through google, or google books with title or by pasting the following line into web address space of browser:

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PDF for Jan 18 lecture: JEllul (in pdf reading is pages 31-57)

Readings for Jan 18:  Lecture: There are 3 : Give them a good skim.

1. Jacques Ellul:  Chapter 2 from Understanding Our Age,
 Download pdf see above.

2. Walter Benjamin: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction  ()
This short essay is available at

3. Ivan Illich: Tools for Conviviality:  Chapter 2- Convivial Reconstruction
The book is available at

Readings for Jan 25 lecture:  
Excerpt from Lev Manovich: The Language of New Media: Chapter V. Forms::  212 -228.  This book is an ebook available through York E resources

 Cyberlibetarian Myths and the Prospects for Community By Langdon Winner  is available at

Readings for Feb 1

Reading for Feb 8: Fear of Small Numbers 

Click red link above. Note we are reading chapter 3 not chapter 4.

All the rest of the readings for spring term are in your text book

There is are no more readings to be posted, the lecture on the 15th will have no readings, nor will the lecture on the 22nd of Mar.  Adjusted Syllabus